Stereo League is a Philadelphia based musical collective whose expansive sound is a product of the vast circle of artists who have touched the project. Originally founded in 2016 as a recording project by songwriter and vocalist Alex Savoth, Stereo League has organically evolved into a dynamic live act. In addition to Savoth, their current lineup features bassist Mitch Beer, guitarist Dan King, drummer Gusten Rudolph and keyboardist John Hildenbrand. Their debut record A Light on Each Side, which was co-produced by Savoth and Engineer Eric Bogacz, features a total of twelve Philadelphia area musicians. Like an elusive jigsaw puzzle, Stereo League has arranged the pieces to create a more cohesive whole.

At its core, A Light on Each Side is both lyrically and musically a balancing act. Due in part to the project’s collaborative spirit, it explores a wide variety of styles in what truly feels like a conversation between dear friends. From the summer breeze and driving cadence of Mother Tongue, to the lush soundscape and serenity of Swim, Stereo League’s sound calls back to artists like Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, and The Verve.

The album’s first single “Don’t Lay Your Head Down” was posted on multiple Best of 2017 lists and is a strong example of the energy that can be expected at one of their shows. Whether they’re in the studio, or on stage, Stereo League continues to extend their musical reach with just a little help from their friends. There is without a doubt magic in collaboration, and Stereo League is a prime example of how multiple minds can harmonize to bring a shared vision to life.


Alexander Savoth / Eric Bogacz / Dan King / Mitch Beer / Chris Giraldi / John Hildenbrand / Gusten Rudolph / Gary Dann / Alison Rigby / Brendon Thomas / Michael James Murray / Alex Santilli